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  • 5 things you should mark to do while in Ras Al Khaimah

5 things you should mark to do while in Ras Al Khaimah

  • by Toby Jake
  • 8 Months ago
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Located amongst Hajjar mountains and the beautiful Gulf region, Ras Al Khaimah is an amalgamation of some of the most amazing and beautiful things that UAE has to offer. It is a combination of a rich cultural heritage which is mixed in with a laid-back atmosphere. This makes it an ideal destination for people who want to get away from the daily rumble of life and are in desperate want of a weekend getaway or are in need of an ideal holiday destination. So, if you are amongst this population and would love to experience the sandy deserts, lush greenery and the beautiful mountains of this place then there are hotels in Ras Al Khaimah which will aid you in your needs and will take care of you for your stay.

Excited about your stay? How about we tell you about all the amazing things you can do while here:

Have fun at the Via Ferrata Jebel Jais

Just 90 mins outside of Ras Al Khaimah, the name Via Ferrata stands for “iron route”. The concept of which started up in Switzerland, in the Alps. It is basically a protected climbing road and for that, a steel cable is fixed on the side of the mountain to make the climber more secure. You will be able to enjoy climbing and zip lining in the Via Ferrata.

Pay a Visit the Dhayah Fort

Located just a bit outside of Ras AL Khaimah, the Dhayah Fort is the last remaining fort on a hilltop in the United Arab Emirates. To reach the top, you have to climb up 242 steps while it may not seem that long, but always take into account the heat and just how exhaustive it can be.

See Al Jazirat Al Hamra – the Ghost Town

Actually, it is an old fishing village back in time, but the region of Al Jazirat just feels abandoned now. Established around 700 years ago in the 14th century, it was abandoned during the 1960s because the people residing in here left for better opportunities in Abu Dhabi. It is like an open-air museum, but here you can walk in without any entrance fees and any form of audio guides. You will be here with just your thoughts. We would really advise just simply driving through this abandoned ghost town.

Learn About Falconry

Falconry is an art which has been embedded in Bedouin tradition. Falcons were an indispensable tool for hunting out on the brutal conditions of the vast desert. Catch a falcon show (we also would like to reassure you that it is not about forcefully capturing animals just for fun), in the show, you will see how Bedouins caught falcons and then trained them. Don’t have any expectations of getting one though.

Go to the desert

What’s so special about the dessert you ask? Well, the desert in here is covered with green grass. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy activities like dune bashing, sand boarding and more while here.

Ras Al Khaimah is a cultural melting pot in the sense of how the old and new life together in a beautiful amalgamation where no one abandons the other.

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