7 Things To Know Before Visiting Dubai

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The world’s answer to marvellous infrastructure, opulence, development and egalitarianism, Dubai does not cease to charm visitors. A patent on even the Best Vacation Planner the city is only surpassing norms when it comes to budget meets luxury. A man-made marvel in its right sense Dubai offers a plethora of opportunities serving myriad interests. From shopping in city-sized malls for the world’s most luxurious brands, buying some of the purest form of gold, indulging in the delicious shawarmas, making merry with third-wave coffees and some flavorful sheeshas as a performer entertains you with scintillating moves, to beaches that are dotted with some of the world’s best hotels, this land of Sheikhs sure knows how to have people coming back!

The city potentially surprises you every time you visit, but bearing in mind these 7 things to know before visiting Dubai can be a handy heads up.

  1. This is a religiously sensitive city

Efficient trip planners like TripHobo are insightful about how the city’s religious sensitivity, thus curating a befitting itinerary with these is not a herculean task. These bring forward the best of things to do in Dubai along with tips one must bear in mind while visiting a particular attraction. However, as a general rule of hand, you must bear in mind the following –

  • Cover your shoulders and knees while exploring public places. It is okay to wear your swimsuit on the beach.
  • Avoid PDA
  • Limit alcohol consumption in reputed, licensed hotels
  • You may hear the call for prayer that happens five times a day, it is a normal and daily custom and nothing to be afraid of
  • There are prayer rooms in malls and other public places, apologise in case you happen to trespass
  1. Give utmost respect to the ruler and ruling family

Dubai, being in the United Arab Emirates is governed by a monarchy. The ruling Sheikh and his family are the most respected and you as a visitor too should adhere to the same. Avoid making fun or being amused by the government policies here. The Government of Dubai is huge, as much that it is one of the seven constituent monarchies which make up the United Arab Emirates.

  1. You will need prior reservation

Almost wherever you go, restaurants, lounges and hotels, a prior reservation is required. One of the main reasons why this is something important note is that Dubai sees a flock of visitors all year round, thus the city is constantly seeing a surge in visitors and demands on entertainment and leisure front. Fine dining in Dubai is an experience by its own, but if you seek something unsolicited or last minute you may be disappointed.

  1. Taxis are convenient but the metros are a cheaper alternative

As compared to British, big Southeast Asian or American cities, taxis in Dubai are relatively cheaper and easier to find aiding utmost convenience. However, if you are looking for an experience that is all about Dubai on a budget, resorting to the metro is the best idea. Not only are metro cheaper but also very well-connected not to mention extremely swift. However, walking to and from the metro station can be a bit of a task.

  1. Tipping is acknowledged, not compulsory

Just as a form of appreciation, tipping in Dubai is a ritual. General norms of tipping, although not as glorious as the ones in the USA cities are acknowledged very well. General practices like rounding of for taxis fare, 10-15 percent of food bill 5 to 10 AED for valet service and the likes will be just fine.

  1. It is not as hot as you think it may be

Dubai indeed is a marvel in the desert and it is easy to think this place will be scorching hot. The city is fairly hot and humid during the day and it is advisable to wear lite, cooler fabrics like cotton. However, the temperatures fall towards the night more so if you are planning to visit areas like the yacht club, a beachside restaurant or a rooftop bar. Also, given the fact that malls and public places are big in Dubai you must note that all these are air-conditioned and you may actually be subject to the hot weather of Dubai.

  1. Fridays and Saturdays are weekends

Fridays are also known as Jumma when the city holds their weekly congregational prayers. A big event, businessmen in Dubai observe this as their weekly off, if not shut it for a few hours of the afternoon. The effect is so much that even metros begin operation after 10 AM. The bright side to this, however, is malls being open until wee hours of the night and the nightlife at its best on these days!

Having noted these 7 things to know before visiting Dubai, rest assured you are bound to have a great time inshallah!

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