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Dubai during the summer months is a whole lot varied thing than Dubai during the winter months due to summer being unbearable with a maximum of 50 degree Celsius. The only benefit of visiting this place during high temperature is because of cheaper accommodation prices in this expensive city. However, consider the weather, what to wear and available activities to do.

Due to this heat, you can sweat a lot. If you’re outside for an hour or even for fifteen minutes your clothes will stick to your skin due to sweating. You need to be beware of the chance of bearing a heat stroke. Depending on the length of your stay, pack ample clothes. Carrying a water bottle is highly recommended. Limit your time outdoors when the sun’s at its peak

Loose linen and cotton clothing is the way to go. Long sleeves and pants would provide maximum protection from the scorching sun. Also, you’ll make the Emiratis glad about your modest attire. Night time is still bearable but humid, but it definitely doesn’t need a woollen jacket or even a second layer of clothing.

Swim attire is only to be worn on beaches or by pools due to the law. Only a burkini (modest Islamic swimwear) is allowed to wear that thing anywhere.

Forget socks and closed shoes in this heat. Do your feet a favour and let them breathe and be comfortable. Carry a pack a wide-brimmed hat, baseball cap, or better yet, get cultured and wrap a keffiyeh to protect against the sun’s scorching rays. Many people carry umbrellas to shade them from the sun.

A trip to the Dubai malls is a great way of keeping cool and giving a break from scorching heat with an air-conditioned environment. Dubai’s malls are equipped with the best-branded shops and plenty of fun kid-friendly activities to keep them busy while you browse around.

 If you forget sunglasses at home, buy a pair at the airport.  It would be difficult to walk with eyes open, looking straight ahead because the sun was so bright, and the sun’s heat will prickle your eyes.

Dubai has too many water parks designed specifically for hot summer days to make it an exciting day out by heading to one of these cool zones. The Wild Wadi Water Park is packed with plenty of hair-raising rides perfect for thrill-seekers and make your trip a memorable one.

Dubai during summer is dead but still, you’ll enjoy fewer crowds because the majority of expats have returned home. Dubai in the summer is quite enjoyable; just make sure you are prepared to face the heat. These tips will definitely help you when travelling to Dubai in the summer. There are many direct flights available to Dubai from cities like Mumbai.

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