Best Countries for a Destination Wedding

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It is becoming a popular trend for couples to have a destination wedding. Destination weddings offer many benefits for couples seeking to get married outside their home country. In the United States, the cost for weddings average around $35,000 – for the wedding ceremony and reception. In many cases, getting married in another country can also be a cost effective option. This article explores various countries that could be the perfect location to have your destination wedding.


Having a destination wedding in Denmark can be both budget friendly and extraordinary. Denmark is rich in culture, history, architecture, natural scenery, and so much more. Denmark is one of the few European countries that has maintained its self-identity, which is why you can still see the rich history and culture in Denmark’s vibrant cities such as Copenhagen or Aarhus. Plus, where better to have your pictures than some of Denmark’s most famous landscapes. Make sure to make plans to get married during the summer time. During this time of the year, Denmark’s true beauty shines with the perfect climate and plenty of sunny days.


Switching to an Asian country, Thailand can be an exotic and price friendly option for couples seeking to have a remote and authentic wedding experience. Having the remote and authentic experience will require a little bit of homework, as many of the popular and well-known Thai islands are full of tourists from all over the world. However, there are still plenty of remote islands that can be accessed by a one or two hour boat ride. This will allow couples to get married on an island without the crowds of tourists or locals. Depending on the couple’s budget, accommodations could also be made to spend the night on the island. This will depend heavily on the laws and restrictions of the specific island.

Costa Rica

Staying on the tropical theme, Costa Rica is a viable option for couples wanting a tropical destination wedding without traveling halfway around the world. Prices in Costa Rica are drastically less than what couples would find either in the United States or European countries. This is one of the main reasons couples choose to get married in Costa Rica. Many hotels offer wedding packages that include large discounts for the wedding guests. The cost of catering and alcohol is many times reduced to encourage couples to book the hotel for their wedding. Even though Costa Rica is a beautiful country with plenty of beaches, couples should be very mindful of the season they plan on getting married. Costa Rica typically sees six to eight months of rain throughout the year. The best time to get married would be during the winter months, which will allow for a temperament climate with plenty of sun. This however is also the high season for traveling to Costa Rica, so make sure all the options are evaluated before making a decision.

Destination weddings are a great way to make your wedding day unforgettable, where the guests can enjoy a wonderful wedding and get to experience a new country.

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