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Create your Own Adventure When You Go Kayaking in the Cayman Islands

  • by Toby Jake
  • 11 Months ago
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The Cayman Islands are quite a popular destination for sports enthusiasts. The island offers a range of activities, including exploring the manifestation of Hell, horseback riding on the beach and all manner of water sports. But among all, very few give you an experience that is as exhilarating as kayaking.

Kayaks are eco-friendly, and due to the absence of a motor, allow you to easily catch sight of birds and wildlife without scaring them away. So, whether you are looking to explore Cayman Islands waterways, observe animals and birds in their natural habitat, or enjoy some peaceful time, kayaking is a perfect fit.

Popular Kayaking Spots to Explore

You can rent either a single seated or a double seated kayak as well as equipment like a life jacket from any of the Grand Cayman kayak rental companies and begin your excursion to the mangroves, one of the most popular places for kayaking.

As you paddle your way past the mangroves, watch for iguanas, sea turtles, jellyfish and tiny fish hiding in the roots. Keep an eye out in the marshland for blue parrots and blue herons. The ecosystem is home to a wide  variety of marine life,  including sea squirts.

After the sun sets, the Cayman Islands reveal yet another wonder – bioluminescence. One of the top-rated things to do in the Cayman Islands is to see the magic unfold at Bioluminescent Bay. After a ten-minute kayak from Rum Point, you will see the intriguing “lights” underwater. This effect is related to plankton, which, when disturbed, create energy that combines with that of other bioluminescent species present. Kayaking through the bay is the best way to experience this incredible phenomenon.

Are you a First-time Kayaker?

Among many Grand Cayman water sports, kayaking is relatively easy to do. You can pick it up almost immediately. There are several types of kayaking styles, like freestyle kayaking, seawater and surf kayaking.

The Cayman Islands is ideal for kayaking as you can easily find reliable kayaks and equipment and get on with exploring the beautiful spots that are otherwise inaccessible.

So, pick the kayaking spot, rent a kayak and off you go for a great afternoon or evening of exploring in the Cayman Islands.

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