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Crucial Tips For Choosing A Yoga Teacher Training Program In Nepal

  • by Toby Jake
  • 4 Months ago
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A country nestled in between India and Tibet is known for its snow-capped Himalayan mountain ranges, valleys, Everest tea gardens, rich culture, and Hindu-Buddhist speckles. Nepal is truly a piece of heaven on the Earth, as the country is blessed with too many things. Uniquely popular among the travelers especially the Mountaineers, there is one more artefact that allures people from across the globe, and that is Yoga.

Nepal is one of the most popular places to commence the advanced level yogic journey. There are many yoga aspirants who travel to this majestic land to transpire the deeper learning of the yogic science with yoga teacher training in Nepal. Being a quiet and calm place, Nepal sets the perfect ambiance to merge the body, mind, and soul into meditative practices amidst the beauty of the Himalayas.

So before you onset the expedition towards attaining the profound knowledge of this ancient art, consider these crucial tips for choosing Yoga teacher training program in Nepal.

Yoga is so vast and to procure the best learning, firstly, you should decide and contemplate on the yoga style you want to learn and teach in the future.

Is the school yoga alliance affiliated?

When it comes to choosing yoga teacher training in Nepal or anywhere in the world, always make sure the school or center is yoga alliance certified. Though there are many factors that contribute to making a school ideal like their teachers, syllabus, environment, experience, etc. But Yoga Alliance affiliation marks the credibility of the institute and helps you to avail the best.

Check the background

It is advisable to go through the background and experience history of the yoga school. There are many schools that do false promises and hardly have any experience in the domain. So don’t ever succumb to any verbal promises and better check the credentials before finalizing one. You can talk to the students, alumni, and go through the reviews and testimonies.

Known about the teachers and instructors

Another point to remember is to know about the instructors of the yoga teacher training school. Teachers are the most important asset to the center and are liable to provide professional and profound knowledge of Yoga. So, always go through their profile and know about their experience, teaching style, qualification, and other required information.

Go through the curriculum

Yoga teacher training is a life-transforming journey where you attain the traditional and in-depth knowledge of the life sciences. To acquire the best- always remember to look for the curriculum the school is offering. The basic and major subjects include yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, mudras, adjustment and alignment, Ayurveda, etc. The inclusion of these subjects defines the standard course structure set as per the yoga alliance.

Also remember whether you’re going for a 200 Hour YTTC, 300 Hour Yoga Training, or 500 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal, the curriculum should include Anatomy teaching. Anatomy is an important subject and acquiring its knowledge is important to relish all the benefits of yoga learning and practicing.

A comfortable accommodation

A perfect and comfy accommodation adds a lot to the program. And there are many renowned and established yoga schools in Nepal that offer accommodation facilities, and some of them have in-built accommodation in the centers. The accommodation is comfortable, cozy, peaceful and with all the basic and modern amenities.

Close to nature

Nepal is an ideal place where you get the best of both worlds, a bustling region with a simple lifestyle blended with the calmness and tranquillity of the mountains. To experience the vibrancy of the country, you can visit places like Kathmandu and be surrounded by a quiet and peaceful environment. But one thing that is common between these two places is the picturesque view, serene natural beauty, mesmerizing flora and fauna, valleys, etc. And practicing yoga and meditation here enables you to form a deeper connection within.

Should be pocket-friendly

Being an inexpressive country, Nepal is an ideal one to have a perfect and affordable yoga teacher training program. There are certain renowned schools that offer amazing all-inclusive yoga courses that include food, accommodation, excursion, etc. An all-inclusive package can help cut down the extra expenses and provide a budgeted training.

Unfold the layers of yoga and relinquish the self on the path of spirituality on this breathtaking land. Consider these tips and choose the best yoga teacher training in Nepal to relish a marvelous experience.

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