England to South Africa in the Blink of an Eye

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After a long and harsh winter in the UK, it is nice to start thinking about all of the possibilities of your summer holiday. Most of us begin with the simple request of a warmer climate; from there, you start dreaming of nice sandy beaches under a shining sun and then after that, you let your mind wander to more exotic places that you’ve never been. But what if all of those things were within your reach?

By seeking out touring groups that can find the perfect situation for you, it will make your dream vacation come true and the stress of planning a vacation whilst staying within budget will vanish. Instead of settling for a place close to home, you can go somewhere you’ve never been with none of the hassle.

Why South Africa?

There are a couple of things that draw people to South Africa. First, people think of the beautiful country itself, then of its rich culture, and lastly all the great rugby to be watched while you were there. What if we told you, though, that you could centre your trip around watching all of those amazing games?

If you choose to go on the England summer tour to South Africa package 2018, you will be going to South Africa alongside Jason Leonard and Gareth Chilcott specifically to check out some rugby while in the amazing country of South Africa. Not only are you going to a beautiful and faraway destination city but also you will be going in a unique and one-of-a-kind experience. The tour will allow you to view the team as it prepares for the upcoming rugby World Cup; you will be there for three amazing weeks watching test matches and viewing the behind-the-scenes training that gets your favourite players in shape before the season begins.

Trip Specifics

The entire group, made up of the team and other enthusiastic English rugby supporters, will leave from Heathrow on June 6th, arriving in Johannesburg the next day. After your arrival, you will have three days to settle in, have welcome drinks with the team, and prepare for the trips to the test matches in the coming weeks. In between the matches, you will be enjoying amazing experiences such as going on a two-night safari, visiting the beach, whale watching, and going to different cities including Cape Town.

Overall, it will be such a unique holiday and an intimate experience with a team you love. Being able to see your idols up close and personal and then getting the behind-the-scenes look at their training will bring your love of the sport to a whole new level.

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