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Exotic Foreign Vacations Vs. Off-Beat Domestic Trips – Find out which one is better for You

  • by Toby Jake
  • 2 Years ago
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Should you collect stamps on your passport with globetrotting, exotic overseas vacations or explore the unexplored beauty of India with domestic trips? Find out the pros and cons of both, right here.

Everyone loves a holiday. Whether you’re heading on a quick weekend getaway or taking a month-long break, a vacation is the perfect way to recharge your internal batteries, connect with your family and friends, and let yourself be blown away by new cultures, tradition, and food.

Now, coming to the big question, “Should you book an overseas vacation or head on to a domestic holiday within India?”

Long story short, no single answer fits all. However, here in this article, you can find the pros and cons of both an overseas holiday and a domestic trip. Hope this helps you in taking the right decision.

Overseas Vacation

Pros: The Wow Factor

There’s nothing that equals the moment when you first step on foreign soil. The vastly different cultures, traditions, and of course food; all open your worldviews.

Whether it is watching your first baseball game in the USA, or partying with other vacationers in the beaches of Thailand, the fantastic memories you create on a foreign vacation will be etched in your mind forever.

Cons: The Expenses

Once you add the cost of flight tickets, accommodation, travel activities and food, the foreign holiday may feel quite heavy on your wallet.

However, fret not. Don’t mark off an overseas vacation just because it strains your wallet. With careful planning, you can have a foreign holiday without breaking the bank. When booked in advance or in the off-season, Chennai to Singapore flights or Bangalore to Dubai flights, or Delhi to Bangkok flights doesn’t cost much more than a domestic flight ticket.

The Takeaway: If you’re keen on an overseas vacation, the key is to start planning ahead or travel in off-season.

Domestic Trip

Pros: Cost-effective and Simplified Planning

One of the biggest advantages of domestic travels is that you can enjoy a memorable vacation without having to cut down on other expenses. Even with a small budget, you can explore the top tourist destinations in India like Alappuzha, Pondicherry, Darjeeling, Shimla and much more. These destinations can give any international location a run for their money.

Another massive advantage of domestic travel is that you don’t need complicated planning. You can just pack your bags and hit the road whenever the mood strikes you. There is no need for arranging visas or currency exchange.

For instance, if you’re in Chennai, you can easily explore the world-famous, former French colony, Pondicherry on the weekend. Just drive down or rent a car, book into any hotel in Pondicherry, and relax on the beaches while you dine on scrumptious food.

Cons: Well, Nothing

With India being a home to a vast array of cultures, traditions, and languages, it’s not necessary that you have to travel overseas to enjoy unique experiences. For a North Indian, travel to the southern states will provide an entirely different experience than what they are used to back home and vice versa.

This means you can have an eye-opener of an experience even when you travel domestically. That’s the beauty of India.

Whether you love jetting to foreign locales or love exploring off-beat locations in the motherland, a vacation is a vacation. All that matters is that you pack your bags and head off on new adventures.

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