Food Items You Must Try in Kolkata

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Are you a gourmet who loves to eat different types of eatables and dishes? There are plenty of options out there that can be picked for a fulfilling experience. If you are bored with the same types of food options of your area; why not go to another place and explore the cuisines and food options that they have on their plate? If you are going to Kolkata from your city Mumbai; make sure that you spare some time for your food endeavours.

Well, pick the Mumbai to Kolkata Flights that give you utmost time to enjoy in the city. You would have a great time exploring different types of cuisines and eatables. There are plenty of options in food that would give you a contented experience. Have a look at some of the popular food options of Kolkata.


Phuchka is one of the best streetfoods in Kolkata! I tis really crunchy on the outside and has a filling of mashed potatoes blended with the most scrumptious spices and some piquant tamarind water.  Onceyou pop one of these in your mouth, the taste buds would definitely tumble in excitement. If you are going to try this out for the first time then you should tell the vender to keep the chilly less in the item. These chillies can easily water your eyes.

Egg Rolls

These rolls are popularly known as the Kolkata Kathi Roll in other areas of India.  This Roll is another blissful street food in Kolkata. It nearly resembles a wrap, having a pan-fried flat-bread on outside that is called a “Paratha”. You can relish different variants like single egg rolls, double chicken rolls, double egg-chicken rolls and mutton rolls. These rolls are definitely going to give you a rich and stylish experience.


It is mostly prepared for breakfast and dinner. Luchi is a flat-bread that is prepared from flour and deep-fried in oil. Thesedoughs are prepared into small little balls and then they get flattened by making use of a rolling pin. It is next immersed in a boiling hot oil-bath and gets prepared in a few seconds. This snack is commonly accompanied with AlurDom which is a dry potato curry that is somewhat sweet, Hot and a little tangy. You can find this dish getting served in restaurants and you can munch on them at homes too.


This is a sweet that is unlike any other.  These small little cottage cheese balls are firstly boiled and then they are immersed in sugar syrup to get prepared. You can easily find them at any of the countless confectioneries or sweet-shops in Kolkata. These Roshogullas can give you a rich and delicious experience. You can find different sizes and can quench your thirst for succulence. These Juicy balls are like a heavenly treat for people who love sweets.

So, book your Mumbai to Kolkata Flights and explore these rich food items along with plenty of others. The food options of Kolkata will not at all make you disappointed.

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