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  • Get ready for your next set of adventure. All you need to say is, Uganda Forever!

Get ready for your next set of adventure. All you need to say is, Uganda Forever!

  • by Toby Jake
  • 8 Months ago
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Are you ready to walk across a dense forest and see gorillas up close? Are you ready to wander in the lair of the beasts and experience the wild African Safari? Is traversing across the land amidst a group of wandering giraffes something you have always dreamed about? Do you want to get a glimpse of the land where the Wakandan army fought the Children of Thanos and Outriders?

Well, we won’t be able to make sure you see that hallowed ground where the Earth’s mightiest defenders locked horns with the Mad Titans scourge. However, we definitely would be able to help you out when it comes to everything else. How is that possible, you ask? Well, the answer is one of the best-preserved wildlife nations across the World, Uganda.

So, what’s so special about Uganda?

One of the biggest reasons to visit Uganda is the effort by the government and the local people to preserve its natural beauty. The country lies almost completely in the basin of the River Nile in Africa, the longest river in the world. Lying in its basin ensures that most of the country in tropically rich, and this is observable through the 60 protected areas including 10 national parks across the country. This means, if one of the biggest guilty pleasures in your life is switching on National Geographic or Animal Planet from time to time, you are going to love this place. And, if all of this is getting you excited and yet you are unsure where to begin your journey in Uganda, you can contact one of the helpful blokes at Mojhi, who have helped out thousands of probable visitors like you in charting out their journey across Uganda.

Huh!? What other things can I look forward to?

Natural beauty? Check! Rainforests and Parks? Check! Wild animals roaming around in their natural habitat? Check! If it all sounds good up until now, what else do you need to about this beautiful nation to make up your mind? Oh, alright! If it is reasons you want, then you will get the reasons you need. And not just 1, but we will provide you with 4 reasons to ensure that by the time you finish reading this article, you would be booking your tickets already:

  • The food in Kampala that will have you chomping it down in no time- Are you someone who believes in the philosophy that you live to eat rather than eat to live? If the answer is a resounding yes, then you are going to love the capital city of Kampala and the country in general which provides you the variety of Indian, Italian, Persian, Lebanese, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Turkish, French, Greek, West African, Chinese, and Japanese dishes among others to choose from. This is because of the diverse nature of the country which holds throngs of people from 40 countries across the globe; nearly 20% of the world’s demographic.
  • Handcrafted décor and furniture- There is nothing better than to decorate your home with antiques that will catch the eye of every guest that arrives at your home. And there is no better place than Uganda to get those things of envy than the handcraft markets that are present in droves across the country. The craftsmen are skilled enough to ensure that your pockets are lighter while leaving compared to while entering the market, and we ask you to ensure that you keep your heart in check.
  • Absolutely pure honey and the most delicious peanut butter- We can practically see the drool on your lips and chin already. And yes, we aren’t lying. Uganda, due to its natural habitat, is home to one of the most satisfying and sweet honey producing vendors across the world. Not only that, but you can also ensure that your next PB and J sandwich is the most delicious one that you have ever consumed by purchasing it from Uganda. And then emptying the bottle before you even reach your home country. I know. I did that. 
  • Design your entire wardrobe and be the envy of all of your friends- Have you ever felt that there was a designer inside of you that could produce a better design than those premium fashion labels ever created? If yes, now is the chance to prove them wrong. Contact one of the local wardrobe designers or fashion collaborators, tell them your ideas about your new dress and watch your friends jaw drop to the floor with your own artistic sensibilities. Maybe, you can start your own chain once you are back from the trip!

We are sure, that by now you are ready and raring to go! If there are any other doubts, drop in a comment below and we will be happy to reach out and sort your query. If not, pack your bags in a jiffy. We can already hear the Jumanji drums beating from up here!

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