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Kumbh mela is the gathering of millions of people on the banks of sacred rivers, who visit from all across the world to participate in the stream of knowledge and spirituality. Kumbh is derived from sanskrit word meaning pitcher, also referred to as the kalasha. Mela word suggests a gathering or a meet or simply a fair. The kumbh celebration rotates at four places in india including praygraj, haridwar, Nasik and Ujjain based on specific celestial alignment of the planets. Millions of devotees come here to take holy dip in the sacred rivers with the faith that it cleanses their souls and leads to salvation.

The city is having well connectivity with all the main cities of India through Road, Rail & Air. If you want to go there then you must prebook your hotel to stay in prayagraj. The distance from Jaipur to Allahabad city is around 629 km while the road distance between Jaipur to Praygraj is 715 km. By Train the distance between two cities is 688 Km.


There are many direct train between Jaipur and Allahabad. There are 9 direct trains from Jaipur to Allahabad. These trains include Aii Sdah Expres, Bkn Koaa Sup Ex, Bkn Hwh Supfast , Ju Hwh Supfast , Bkn Ghy Express and many more. The minimum time taken by a train to reach Allahabad from Jaipur is around 10 hour 50 minute. This is the cheapest way to reach Allahabad from Jaipur which is to take Aii Sdah Expres from Jaipur to Allahabad. The fare is approximately rs 390.


The fastest way to reach the Kumbh mela is taking a direct flight from Jaipur to praygraj city that will take around 3 hrs, 50 mins. This is the most convenient way to reach in the city but it might be a little expensive for you. There is a domestic Airport in Allahabad renowned as Bamrauli Air Force Base, which is approx. 12 Km from the heart of the city. It serves less number of cities in India during usual days but during the Kumbh Mela the connectivity gets better. There are two other airports are also accessible from Allahabad are  Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport at Varanasi at distance of around 150 Kms and Amausi International Airport in Lucknow which is approx. 200 Kms. These both airports are decently connected to rest of the India. All these 3 airports will serve during the mela.


The driving distance from one city to other is around 733 KM. The bus timings from Jaipur to Allahabad is around 14 hours and 33 minutes. There are numerous Bus stands in the City to ensure decent road connectivity as well as interstate links especially during the holy event. The Bus fare may be around Rs.550.

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