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Not Big On Bling & Extras? Keep It Simple With This Scratch Map

  • by Toby Jake
  • 1 year ago
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Unless you have been living cut off from all civilization in some forest to find yourself, you are bound to the hype surrounding scratch maps. You might actually be thinking of getting one or yourself or maybe you want to motivate that idler brother of yours to move away from Netflix and PlayStation 4 and explore a little bit of the real world out there. But a quick internet search has you scratching your head and thinking why on earth are the scratch maps with gazillions of bonus features thrown in. What happened to a plain old and simple travel map which also acts as a scratch map. No need to give up on finding a simple scratch map, we know the perfect product.

Scratch Map Original For Those Not Big No Pageantry: Since the dawn of scratch map era in 2009, they have undergone a phenomenal change as well. But the inventors of the scratch maps, Luckies of London, have kept the original scratch map intact. Scratch Map Original is the map that started the whole hoopla about scratch maps and to this date remains the same awesome and humble scratch map. For those travellers map who prefer simplicity, Scratch Map Original is the travel map to own.  This scratch map comes in the standard A1 size and has the dimensions of 82.5 x 59.4 cm. When the original scratch map is so pretty, why look for anything else.

  • Straight Forward Scratch Map:Scratch Map Original follows the a simple white and gold theme, with white gloss background and golden foil covering the countries. Once you have been to a place, use any coin, fingertip or any sharp metal surface to scratch off the top foil to reveal vibrant colours underneath. Don’t blame us if you soon find yourself blowing your vacation budget because you want to discover what colour is Antarctica!
  • Gift It To Your Couch Potato Friend: This scratch map comes in a strong yellow coloured gift tube in case you need to inspire someone to get out of the house more. Or even for the more travelled souls, this scratch map makes an excellent gift.
  • Record Your State Side Travels Accurately: All the states are demarcated clearly on this scratch map so that you uncover USA one state at a time as you explore it. Same is true for the Australian states and Canadian provinces.
  • Uncover Cities: All the major cities including the capitals are presented on the map so that you have a more detailed travel record.
  • Top Notch Quality: The world is full of cheap knockoff with all claiming to be the originals. Luckies of London started off scratch maps concept and despite millions of maps sold, each of their map is still made with love and care right in North UK. All the materials used for this scratch map are premium quality. No need to be afraid of scratching, your scratch map is probably outlive you.

Summary: Scratch Map Original is the no nonsense, simple scratch map for those looking for a map with no rings and bells.

Author Bio: Aidan Enfield is a football enthusiast who travels to different places around the world to catch his favourite team in action.

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