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Romance Island Hopping Holidays with The Greek Islands

  • by Toby Jake
  • 8 Months ago
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Greek island hopping is among some of the most popular vacation choice for European people, but the truth is that the Greek Islands are renowned worldwide. Thousands of people are drawn to them every year, and with all of the beauty and culture that Greece has to offer it is no surprise. There are several Greek Islands to choose from for your next holiday, but which one should you choose?


Out of the 227 inhabited Greek Islands Corfu is quite probably the most popular choice for Greek Islands holidays. Millions set foot on Corfu’s shore every year. Corfu lies just to the west of the rest of Greece, and is has some of the most lovely beaches in the whole of Greece. That being said beaches are not the only things that draw visitors to Corfu every year. Corfu also boasts an incredible nightlife that will keep your vacation going well into the wee hours of the morning.


Zante is one of the Greek Islands holidays destination that lies furthest South. Zante may be referred to as Zakynthos by Greek locals, and it has a wide variety to its landscape. There are wonderful beaches, but Zante also has plains, cliffs, hills, and sands. Here you can find small quaint fishing villages full of authentic Greek culture that is not to be missed.


The most popular of the Greek Islands holidays destination choices is by far Crete. Most cruise lines schedule a stop in Crete making it one of the most popular sites to see in the Greek Islands. Crete features beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, and a lively nightlife. With all of that going on, it makes sense that Crete is such a busy vacation destination.


Though Santorini may not be as well known as some of the other Greek Islands, it is a perfect choice for Greek Islands holidays. Santorini was actually created by a volcano that is still active just off the island, and you can see ash and lava from it off the beaches. Santorini features some of the most spectacular sunsets around, and should not be missed.


The island of Kos is not a mystery to British tourists, but the rest of the world does not know much about the gem of an island. Kos is located close to the country of Turkey, but it is a Greek Island and though it is very small, it has some of the most beautiful beaches around. Kos is a very flat island, and it is its lack of hills that has made bicycles so popular on the island.


If your idea of Greek Islands holidays includes stopping at the biggest of the Greek islands then you must plan a stop on Rhodes. Rhodes has the biggest amount of land and the most people living on it. However, it is not this that makes Rhodes such a popular vacation choice. The truth is that Rhodes has 300 days a year of pure sunshine and that ensures that you will have a great day on the beach.

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