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Rome Day Tours – A Fascinating Way Of Visiting Rome

  • by Toby Jake
  • 1 month ago
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Are you visiting Rome for the first time? You can find you are in luck as it is easy to see lot of places, regardless of how limited time you have. Yet, the best is to plan ahead. Even aimlessly ambling is fun and joy and sometimes it may appear like there is wonder around each corner. However, there is nothing stressful and one can see everything and yet a lifetime is considered insufficient in Rome.

Day tours

If you love walking it is the best to consider Rome day tours. The ideal way to see the sights in Rome is on foot. These sights are in certain concentrated areas that visitors can easily spend in Ancient Rome one day and one day for the Vatican and get going. One of the Ancient Rome highlights is the Colosseum.

Ancient Rome Highlights

The highlight is the Colosseum that is besides the Roman ruined Forum. Nearby are the splendid Museums that are packed with Renaissance and classical art. The Palatine is also close to the Beverly Hills in the ancient Rome and it houses the powerful and rich, thereby overlooking the Circo Massimo, the ancient track of chariot-racing. You can skip long queues by booking online for these places to visit as one ticket allows you to visit Roman Forum, Colosseum and Palatine.

Centro Storico, a tour

Taking a short walk is enough to reach the historic center in Rome. The main sights are easy to visit and free. Even meandering and wandering, stopping for a coffee, lunch or ice cream can work as energy burst. Visit the Pantheon, an ancient Roman temple that is preserved magnificently and it has a hole in the domed roof. Close by, is the oval-shaped impressive square with an Egyptian obelisk, housing some Caravaggio masterpieces, worth visiting.

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