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The best types of national cuisine you really need to taste once in your life

  • by Toby Jake
  • 11 Months ago
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The local cuisine for travelers-lovers of food is what sights for others. And if you are also traveling with taste, see which countries will fill your dishes with the best. Some people cross the world to enjoy specific meals in restaurants and others choose the destination countries based on local tastes and cuisine. The Asian cuisine is one of the favorites, but also that Italy and Greece are the only 2 countries among the first, non-Asian continents, with the best cuisine in the world. Let’s see which are the most famous types of national cuisine and take a look at everyone’s wonderful dishes.

Taiwan cuisine

Culinary philosophy in Taiwan is simple: eat often and well, which means that small and frequent meals dominate. The local cuisine is a mix of Chinese Min Nan, Teochew and Hokkien Chinese cuisines along with Japanese cooking. In Taipei, there are about 20 streets dedicated to snacks, while the gastronomic capital is Tainan, the oldest city. Among the various dishes, the noodles and beef soup and the baozi, which are buns stuffed with meat or vegetables, are – among others – the most popular.

Indonesian cuisine

This type of cuisine is consisted of a lot of herbs, while chicken is one of the favorite ingredients. If you visit the famous Jimbaran restaurant, do not forget to taste the delicious rendang beef which is the reason why a lot of travellers visit this place.

Philippine cuisine

This type of cuisine may not be as famous as others, but with more than 7,000 islands, they certainly have dishes that are not easily forgotten. One of these is adobo, which is of Mexican origin, and in the Philippines it is essentially the cooking of the vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and other spices, as well as lechon, a whole pig that is baked in grill and served with liver sauce.

Hong Kong cuisine

In this city you will find some of the most passionate people with food, while Hong Kong cuisine ranges from traditional to fusion and more advanced, something that is reflected in the crowd of restaurants. From noisy hangouts to quiet restaurants where waiters watch your every move, Hong Kong really looks like it has it all.


Undoubtedly, Italian cuisine has dominated many parts of the world for centuries, with its delicious tomato sauces, tiramisu, pizzas and pasta. However, many Italians do not accept the concept of single Italian cuisine and speak of individual, local cuisines, where things may differ from what we know. However, either go to Sicily for the best arancini, or Naples for the best pizza or Modena for the best parmesan of the world, the sure thing is that you will not leave disappointed.

Thailand cuisine

Thai cuisine combines many herbs and spices to give unique flavors and often to create dishes that are spicy, sour, salty, sweet, crisp and soft. Dishes like green curry and stir-fry chicken are particularly popular, while the cuisine from the northeast of the country, known as Isaan, is also delicious, with delicious dishes such as tomato.

Japanese cuisine

The Japanese show the same precision in their food as they do in technology, going their kitchens one step further than the others, which means it is impossible to eat badly in Japan. Both the sushi and Japanese kaiseki dish, made up of many dishes, are typical of the cuisine, while local specialties, known as kyōdo ryōri, are themselves attractions, with every big city having its own plate-mark.

Malaysian cuisine

With influences from Chinese and Indian cuisine, the Malaysian is quite similar to Indonesian cuisine, with the two nations sharing many dishes. One of the most famous dishes, the spicy laksa soup with noodles, is enough to make you constantly think when the time to eat will come again.

Greek cuisine

This type of cuisine is based on olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables and really tasty types of fish. If you try the Greek cuisine, do not forget to taste the famous Greek salad or the Mousaka.

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