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The Effect of DUI Conviction in the U.S on International Drivers’ Licenses

  • by Toby Jake
  • 4 Months ago
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A foreign national with a DUI conviction, and in possession of an international driver’s license, may face some problems with continued driving in the United States.

When foreign nationals are in the United States, they may encounter difficulties when convicted of a felony or misdemeanor. The immigration services may need to interview you to establish if you could be deported following conviction. In fact, smaller DUI convictions with slightly above 0.08 blood alcohol content level may lead to your removal if you don’t have a green card. In the interview, the immigration officers may want to know the reason behind the incident and an assurance to stop continued drinking while driving. With help from a Los Angeles immigration attorney, Joshua L. Goldstein, the immigration services may allow you to continue staying in the country.

First-time offenses

When you’ve an international driver’s license, you may be accorded charges and a ticket of driving without the license dependent on the circumstances and the state. Nevertheless, in a first-time offense of a DUI conviction, deportation is not an option.

Generally, when you face the first DUI conviction, you’ll face lesser penalties or a suspended punishment through community service or probation. It’s also essential to prove to the judge you’re remorseful and didn’t intend to drive with the BAC of above 0.08 percent. But if you’d like to fight the charge, you’ll need help from an immigration lawyer.

Harm to an individual or property

If as an international resident, you drive while drunk and harm someone or damage property, you might face deportation in addition to other penalties for the DUI conviction. A qualified immigration lawyer can represent you and assist with various immigration problems associated with a DUI conviction linked to damage to property or another person’s injury. With such legal representation, you may have a better chance of residing in the United States.

Time in the United States

If an international driver has been in the U.S for more than a year, they need to get a state-based driver’s license that may invalidate the internal license. However, even with a state license, the person may still face deportation while incurring the DUI conviction. Accruing DUI convictions can also harm your chances of naturalization. Getting involved in reckless driving, death or injury to other people or property damage generally increase the possibility of holding an interview with immigration officers.

Contacting your home country

For a better understanding of how a DUI conviction can affect your international driver’s license, you will need to talk to the authorities in your home country. Rules and laws may differ from a country to the other as well as the legal issues associated with driving under influence. More complications may arise if you’ve lived in the United States for over a year. In addition, other problems could arise if your international driver’s license has expired while in the U.S.

Final thoughts

When, as a foreign national, you’re convicted of the DUI charge, you should contact an immigration lawyer to establish the best way forward, which may include initiating your return home process or filing a case to convince the immigration services to allow you remain in the United States following the DUI conviction.

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