What You Should Know about Hiring Relocation Cars

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There are many ways to save on a car hire when you want to take a holiday. An option that not many people know about is driving a car to another destination for a reduced fee. Here is some information about hiring vehicles that need to be relocated.

What Is a Relocation Car?

When a rental agency needs cars at -another location, which may be in the next town or across the country, they often let customers hire and drive them to the destination. Renting the cars out spares the company the expense of hiring a driver and truck to take the car to the next destination, and in return, the customer can rent the car at a deep discount.

Discounts on Relocations

Many rental agencies allow customers to hire relocation cars for as little as one dollar per day. There is usually a limit on how many days the car can be rented because they need to get to their destination by a specific date. Depending on where the vehicle is going, you may have one to almost two weeks to deliver the car its next location.

First Come, First Served

Since cars that need to be relocated are not regularly available, it is difficult to book them in advance. Instead, you need to book them as soon as they become available as they are snatched up quickly. Although you may have a destination in mind for your trip, you may not be able to hire a relocation car to take you there, but you may get halfway or closer to your destination.

Treat as Regular Rental

Although you are getting a deep discount on the car when you hire one that is being relocated, you need to treat it as a regular rental. Many of the same rules apply when you pick it up. You need to carefully inspect the car and make sure the agent is noting where there are scratches and dents.

Also, you should start and drive the car, at least around the lot to listen for odd noises and to get some familiarity with the car before going on the open road. The vehicle should have a full tank of fuel when you drop it off, and it is crucial to get it to its destination on time.

Remember It’s One-Way

It’s essential to remember that when you hire a car being relocated, it’s a one-way trip. You will need to hire another vehicle to get back home. If you’re fortunate, you might be able to rent a relocation car for the return trip, but it is not probable.

Hiring a relocation car is a cheap way to travel to another destination on holiday.

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