Which are the best places to visit in England?

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As far as places to visit in England are concerned Yorkshire is perhaps the best destination. It is so good that it is also known as God’s Own County. As far as staying in Yorkshire is concerned, there is a place called Harrogate which is known as the “jewel of the North”. Once a retreat for Victorian Royalty and has always been a spa town this beautiful town is a great retreat for a weekend break.

Right now, you may not get better food or drink anywhere else in Great Britain. It has more restaurants with Michelin stars than everywhere else in this country. The only other such place in England is definitely London. The county is really beautiful and this is why you have so many great painters over here.

If you do decide to visit, we recommend finding a serviced apartment in Harrogate, you’ll be able to see some breathtaking Victorian buildings and vintage designs, all conveniently located in the gorgeous town centre.

The Cotswolds

The second place in this regard would be that of the Cotswolds. The towns and villages over here are honey coloured and glorious, to say the least. They still look as if they are caught in a time warp, a few hundred years back that is. The main characteristic over here is one of gentle dynamism with galleries that are lively, museums that intrigue you, and festivals that are really vibrant. In fact, there are plenty of museums over here. The region spans around 800 square miles through 5 counties – Wiltshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, and Oxfordshire. This is the region of rolling hills,also known asWolds.


The holidays spent in Devon can be really great because they are wholesome, scenic, and simple. You get craggy coves over here and the teas are full of rich tasty cream. You can take a few strolls alongside the seas even as the surf breaks on your feet and there are picnics that you can take part in. The pub gardens over here are splendid as well. The beaches at the northern and the southern coasts over here are magnificent, to say the least. However, this does not mean that inland Devon is shorn of appeal as such.

The Lake District

The Lake District is where you would find the best scenery, grandest views, and greenest countryside in whole Britain, let alone England. As the name would suggest, this district is a picturesque combination of lakes, woodlands, valleys, and fells. If you are an outdoor person then this is the place to be in Britain. You can easily take a bike ride full of leisure down the country or even hike across the hills for a whole day. The district also has a number of connections related to art and literature. The most famous name, in this case, is William Wordsworth.


The countryside here is undulating and the villages are flint built and sleepy. If you like cycling at a gentle pace, touring by car, or walking then this is the place to be. The homes here are stately, the churches date back to the medieval era, the castles are in ruins, and the wool towns are half-timbered, thus giving it a special appeal of its own. The museums here are fascinating and would really make a day out over here worth it in every sense of the term.

Some other important names in this regard are Suffolk, London, Cornwall, Bath, and Brighton.

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